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The Town Square at Suitland Federal Center is bordered by Silver Hill and Suitland Roads, adjacent to the Suitland Federal Center and the Suitland Metro Station. Historically, the Suitland Federal Center area was a government hub and a leading catalyst for development in the area, along with the opening of Andrews Air Force Base and the completion of the parkway, which linked Suitland with Washington.

The Federal Center was built in 1941 as a way to support the war effort once the US became involved with World War II. Soon after, residential communities began to develop in the area, and businesses moved in along Silver Hill and Suitland Roads. However, in the 1980s, many businesses relocated to newer shopping centers in the area, particularly along Pennsylvania Avenue. As a result, the remaining retail space began to deteriorate, and storefronts saw high turnover and frequent vacancy.

Today, Suitland is poised for revitalization. With the addition of the Suitland Metro Station in 2001, the NOAA Satellite Operations Center in 2005 and the LEED-certified Census Bureau Headquarters in 2007, the Federal Center is once again a bustling center for government activity. More offices for agencies and contractors are planned, and the Town Square will complete the area’s transformation with residential and retail expansion. The new community development will include an expansive performing arts facility overlooking the Great Lawn, as well as townhomes, multi-family homes and storefronts designed in a modern urban style. The pedestrian-friendly community will reflect the vibrant and active lifestyles of future residents, with contemporary character, beautiful spaces and attractive amenities.

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